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Albion Online Download | All Systems

MMO game (Albion Online 20.030.1 – Into the Fray Patch 3)

Albion Online is an MMO game that takes place in the fantasy world of Soulborne. With 18 different classes to choose from, and a plethora of crafting and collection which is more expansive than any other MMORPG, there is a lot to enjoy on offer with this one. In this blog article, I cover what makes Albion so great for players looking for a relaxed MMO title that isn’t too demanding!

Game Overview

Albion Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Gameforge and published by Games Workshop. It was announced at GDC in March 2017, and is set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Magicks. It can be downloaded for free from the official website.

What’s New?

Featuring vast and varied landscapes, players can explore an immense world full of quests and battles, or settle down to become a master farmer or craftsman, building villages and towns and gathering around the hearth to share tales of adventure. The game boasts a unique class system that allows you tospecialise in one of many different roles on the battlefield, such as fighter, spell-caster or ranger. You can also choose to play as a character from one of the four great human kingdoms – Bretonnia, High Elf deployment, Lustria or The Old World – each with its own unique culture, attractions and dangers. Alternatively you could create your own hero from scratch using the impressive character creator tool. True to its Warhammer Fantasy roots, it features deep strategic combat with an extensive variety of military units and spells available for summoning into battle.


Albion Online is a massive, free-to-play MMORPG that blends Warcraft III base mechanics with a new setting and storyline. The game offers an expansive world to explore and players can join one of three factions in order to achieve their goals.


In Albion Online, players can purchase different mounts with in-game Gold, which can be used to traverse the world faster than on foot. It features an impressive 85 different mounts that can be bought between the Level 1 and Level 50 zones. These mounts can be used to traverse the vast landscapes of Albion Online, allowing players to travel quickly to new areas. Level 50 players also have the option of purchasing a permanent mount called a “Walker” that allows them to move at a much faster pace while in town or on the battlefield. Permanent mounts are only available to those who have reached Level 50.

Albion Online offers a wide variety of mounts for players to choose from, making it easy for anyone to get around the world quickly. Permanent mounts are only available to those who have reached Level 50 and can give players an advantage over other players in terms of mobility and speed.

Gameplay Basics

The Albion Online game world is a vast, dangerous place where your every move could be your last. Surviving in this world requires strategy, patience, and resolve. Here’s a primer on the basics of gameplay so you can start building the foundation of your success.

How to Get Started on Albion Online

If you’re curious about Albion Online, wondering what it’s all about, or just want to jump in and see what the hype is all about, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to get started on Albion Online – noobs and experts alike will be able to follow along.

First things first: if you haven’t already, download the game from our website. Once you have, create an account and log in. If this is your first time playing an online game, be sure to read up on the basics here. We also have a short guide on how to play Albion Online if that’s of interest too.

Now that you’re ready to get started, let’s jump into the basics! In order to build anything in Albion Online, you’ll need Wood and Gold. To acquire these resources, you’ll need to gather them from the environment or by attacking other players. Beware – invading players may be well-armed and prepared for a fight, so it’s important to choose your battles wisely!

Once you’ve gathered enough resources, it’s time to start constructing!

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