Graphics card sales are at their lowest level in 10 years

Graphics card sales are at their lowest level in 10 years

According to a new report from tomshardware, sales of integrated and standalone graphics cards in the third quarter of this year 2022 reached their lowest level in ten years, due to the decline in players’ interest in buying graphics cards, in addition to the decline in demand for them from digital currency miners after the coin moved Ethereum to Proof of Stake.

According to the report, the third quarter of the year is usually the strongest for graphics cards, and despite the decline in indicators in the second quarter, the actual market performance was much lower than analysts’ expectations. Sales of the graphics card market as a whole declined by 25.1%, while sales of graphics cards for desktop computers declined by 15.43%, and sales of graphics cards in laptops decreased by 30%.

This decline comes despite the launch of the new generation graphics cards from NVIDIA RTX 4090 and RTX 4080, while AMD is preparing to launch its new graphics cards based on the RDNA3 architecture.

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